This tool module plants saplings, removes leaves and cuts down wood. This is the lowest tier of wood cutters.

Used in the following recipes: Hardened Wood Cutter

You need to add at least one of the Storage modules to store the stuff from the trees.


Put the saplings you want to use in the three slots located in the carts interface.
Lay tracks where you want it to go. Make sure that there is dirt on both sides of the track so saplings can go there.


Put fuel in the engine and let it go.
The cart will place saplings every second block.
When it comes to a tree, it will start to remove all the leaves, collect all apples and put them in the storage module.
All saplings will go in their slot to be planted again.
Then it will cut the wood from the top and store them in the storage module.


This tool will take 1 damage for every leaves block removed and 5 damage for every wood block, this does not apply if the tool is unbreakable. For more information about tools and their durability, check out the Tools page.