The farmer is a tool that can be attached to the front of the cart. It is basically a combine, a hoe and a planter combined since it can harvest crops, till the land and plant seeds. It has a 3x3 range, which means it can only work on the blocks adjacent to the rail it runs on.

Used in the following recipes: Galgadorian Farmer

The different seeds it can plant and crops it can harvest are shown below.


The farmer works well with the Hydrator and the Fertilizer. By adding these modules to the cart, the cart will be able to hydrate the farmland and fertilize the crops as well. The farmer module will pick up any crops it breaks and put it in an inventory.

When this tool harvest crops it will take 3 damage. Doesn't apply to unbreakable tools. For more information about tools and their durability, see the Tools page.