Welcome to the Official Steve's Carts 2 wiki.

Steve's Carts 2 is the minecraft mod dedicated to let you experience the minecart system to its max. Instead of the three normal ones you can design your own. This is not a matter of making them looking as fancy as possible, even though many people would argue for them being fancy, but instead a way to add the features you would like to have in a cart. Features include but are in no way limited to drills, railers, solar panels, storages, wheat farmers, dynamite carriers, seats with steering ability, shields and shooters. Since the modules can be matched and mixed with very few limitations the number of carts that can be put together increases dramatically to an enormous amount. But fear not, it's very easy to get started. After you've learnt how the Cart Assembler work you're set to go (don't worry you can watch a video if you want).

You don't need to join the wiki to view it, just if you want to edit pages.

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Getting Help

If you need further help you could follow any of the links above or join the official IRC channel. #StevesCarts2 @ esper.net


If you want to include Steve's Carts 2 alpha in a mod pack, public or private, you need to follow a few steps.
1. Give me credit for the mod.
2. Have permission from all mod authors whose mods are in the pack.
3. Don't earn money on the pack.

If all those steps are followed you have my permission to include it in your mod pack. This licence might be change in the future.


I'm making this mod in my spare time, because I like it. If you would like to support the making of this mod, please consider donating a small sum.